3D Doors and Providenza

Drum type door scheme: the drum type door Fortec is formed, as shown by its structure, by two Madeflex ® (wood fiber board) with foil laminate faces. As an internal filler, honeycomb is used, perimeter frame and reinforcement on one side to lock in solid wood. Fortec is the trademark of the doors manufactured by Madeflex S.A.


Durability: Feature on the door that is closely linked to the appropriate or inappropriate use of it. Predict its useful period is difficult due to numeruos variables, from the way its installed until environmental or maintenance factors, among other factors.

Use: Fortec drum type door should not be exposed to water or excessive moisture, should be cleaned with a dry or semi-wet cloth, no solvents no detergents, should not be hit and no sharp objects should be passed on its surface.


Our closets are made ​​of melamine on MDP. The MDP is a board coated on both sides with decorative films impregnated with melamine resin, which with high temperature and pressure melt the board, resulting in a hard, closed surface with wear and stain resistance.

This board reduces the growth of microorganisms, so it is ideal for environments with high hygiene. MDP Melanin is resistant to heat, household cleaning products.

The doors used for our closets, are on MDP Melamine or drum type madeflex sheets.

Madeflex S.A By the Fortec brand, offers modern designs appropriate for existing construction, and under the measures required by its customers.



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